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Hugger Hoop Earrings - 10 mm- Sterling Silver

Hugger Hoop Earrings - 10 mm- Sterling Silver

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Classic and small, perfect to wear on their own or in your second or third holes. ~Sold as a pair ~Hoops measure 10mm in diameter ~Made from sterling silver.  ~How to wear: 1. First, to open the hoop gently pull the wire post out of the tube. 2. Move the two ends of the hoop sideways (apart from each other) to fit around your lobe. 3. Next, insert the thinner wire into the front side of your piercing (some prefer to insert back to front). 4. Once earring is through, gently insert the thinner wire back into the tube.
Sela+Sage is a hand crafted jewelry line with all pieces designed in Lake Oswego, Oregon USA. Sela+Sage believes jewelry should be beautiful, quality and affordable. 

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