Our Commitment

Earth Tribe is a small Main Street shop with a big purpose. 

I started Earth Tribe as a way to help move towards the new green economy. I also wanted to give customers an opportunity to buy from brands who are going above & beyond to create more sustainable products in a more sustainable way. Every time we shop we have a choice of what we buy and which manufacturers we buy from.  Earth Tribe supports manufacturers that participate in 1% for the Planet (companies that donate 1% of annual sales to environmental organizations) and SeaTrees Sustainable Surf (companies that go carbon neutral and support carbon-capturing coastal restoration projects).  We also support brands that are involved with tree planting initiatives, and brands that have sustainability as a core business value.  Let’s make choices that are better for us & better for our planet, because in order to save everything we need everyone.

As of March 2024, Earth Tribe is a certified 1% for the Planet shop, meaning we are donating at least 1% of annual sales to organizations actively addressing our environmental crises.  

Thanks for checking us out!
- Meagan