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Organic Detox Face Mask

Organic Detox Face Mask

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Raw organic clay draws + pulls out impurities, clears complexion, and neutralizes the PH of your face.  Bentonite clay heals + soothes, while the activated charcoal detoxes impurities from your skin. Perfect for acne prone or oily skin. Can be used to provide a cleansing "Reset" once a month for your face to maintain ph balance and clear complexion. And also great for an armpit detox. Use first 5-7 days on armpits when changing from antiperspirants to a natural deodorant, then as needed to maintain balance.

Ingredients: bentonite clay + activated charcoal. Directions: put a dime size amount of powder into a glass or ceramic bowl not metal or plastics. Smooth over skin, allow to dry and rinse thoroughly. 

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